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  1. Mr. Oak I’ve had 3 spine surgeries it’s not too fun. I had a good Dr. and good recovery. I hope you the best news from the Dr.
  2. That’s a great looking pup!! I like those brindle dogs.
  3. Drafts y’all gonna spoil the dog for sure. Your boy looks like he’s got a grip on that pup.
  4. Good looking pups. Those driftwood dogs in your pedigree are close to the house in south Louisiana. Mr. Benny & Mrs Rosa are great people. You shouldn’t have any trouble selling those pups.
  5. Really nice looking dog! I see the coz blood in him.
  6. That’s some nice looking kennels.
  7. Look good that sounds like a great cross!!!
  8. Sounds like those pups should have some nose!
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