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  1. hey waid hope you made it home safe like this pup hes a looker hope you like the coonhound let me know

  2. sorry phone number 205-272-1650

  3. sorry phone number 205-272-1650

  4. hay just got this about buddy ive been in the hospital if you have time call me very interested

  5. hey eric ricky here your dog looks good amy is doing good shes treeing alot better on the tree know im going to try and hunt her in the atfa hunts this season good to see you have a good looking tree dog hope you have a good season this year again thanks for saleing me amy were very please with her

  6. Thanks for your interest, Buddy is also off of Landrums Lee, the breeding took place prior to Landrum owning Lee, the Dam is from

    Bulletc on here,She was a Cajun Sqrl Dog/Treeing Cur. Buddy is 4yr old, excellent tree dog, avgs 150-200yd but will go deeper to find the game if needed. Mark Kennedy owned Lee at time of breeding

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