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    mountain rest s.c.
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    hunting,fishing old log cabins and bluegrass music

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    Mark Vissage
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    squirrel, deer,bear,turkey
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    live for GOD,FAMILY and FEIST.

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  1. anybody that likes or makes bluegrass music is a friend of mine

  2. thanks for adding me as a friend call me sometime 919-603-4501 still not sure about this computer stuff

  3. Hey mark I'm sorry I haven't gotten back with you on the club start we have been ridiculous busy at work since May and it hasn't slowed down I don't think I am going to have time to get it going right now. If you are still going to start on one in your area let me know. Sorry again this is the first time I've been on squirrel dog in a long time

  4. I am new to talking on the computer but It seems we have a lot in common

  5. just joined sdc today,i am looking forward sharing my passion with friends who have the same interest as i do,thanks, scmountainman

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