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  1. Have received that check yet ? If not ill get one in the mail Monday.

  2. Are the tt15 collars $275 shipped. I'm in Louisiana.

  3. Thanks Jerry , We all need to help get the place we call Earth back in shape .. Have a great day.

  4. Jamie thank you for you very kind words and your reply was 100% correct.If I can ever be a help to you in any way give me a call.c.no. 770 686 6782

  5. Kemmer off Charles Fasoda... Lady gold Nugget is the Mom ,,Bo-duke grand dad

  6. good looking pup - what is its breeding?

  7. is the hole exactly 2" ??? im going to make some of those pipe feeders ..... want to drill the hole right the first time

  8. I see ur from St.Amant... What's ur option about Calvin Savoy dogs that he sells. I'm looking for my first tree dog pup

  9. U Flattown son ??

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