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  1. Thanks pal I would add u but I have no idea how this thing works that's why im sending it this way

  2. thanks for adding me as a friend if there is anything that I can to help in any way let me know How far are you from virgilina

  3. Can u please contact me at 919-693-6145 about the horns you make would like to make one myself

  4. Send me your number if you will

  5. 919-693-6145 919-603-4501 call and leave message

  6. Joe Rock your brother wants u to call him 919-603-4501 been trying to get up with you

  7. where in nc are you located may be interested in your system

  8. Where in nc you located

  9. Is it possible to get some prices and info on your collars and leads Thanks in advance

  10. Hey I was wondering what kind of pens they are and where did you get them

  11. Let me know how this pup is bred I am looking for a chocolate male to breed my female to

  12. I was told you may know where to find some old strains of plott dogs can you please give me a call 919-603-4501

  13. how could a fella find some of these plott dogs you are talking about

  14. I am not very far from you give me a call sometime 919-693-6145

  15. where in nc are you located

  16. where could I find that bt skinner

  17. also from nc good to meet you where u locaied

  18. can u contact me 919-693-6145 have a few questions

  19. where do you get those collars need one for a feist to keep coyotes off

  20. thanks for adding me as a friend call me sometime 919-603-4501 still not sure about this computer stuff

  21. I am new to talking on the computer but It seems we have a lot in common

  22. sorry for your loss hard to lose the good ones

  23. just wondering if there are any blackmouth curs in northern north Carolina I might be able to hunt with

  24. just wondering if you are going to plot days if you are let me know I would like to talk to ya

  25. I have been using okie bloodlines Used to use Berlin King and the tack bloodline Would like to find more of that

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