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  1. Hey Chad,

    Nice picture!

    Where is Franklinton? I've got relatives all over East Louisiana. Tangipahoa Parrish, especially.

  2. Doing great Will! How is duke doing y'all been hunting lately?

  3. Hi Tripp

    How have you done over the past week or so?.

  4. Hello, I, too am new to tree dogs. I have a six month old OMC puppy. There are plenty of guys on this site who can advise you! Post, and you will hear! Good luck!

  5. Good looking dog where in sc are you from

  6. Hi Tim, Where in Louisiana are you? From N.O. originally. Lots of family in Tangipahoa Parish. In SC now.

  7. Anybody that hunts a good Looking dog like Duke is a friend of mine as well. Welcome to the Squirrel dog World My friend.

  8. anyone that likes bluegrass is a friend of mine.lol

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