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  1. I got to go this morning before the rain set in with my Buck pup and he made 6 trees and I got 6 which made 100 for him in 7 weeks. He is my project dog for this year and he just turned 18 months old. He is a littermate to Wilson's Jay that Eddie post on here that I gave him earlier this year. How is your season going great I hope. Thank for asking, Jerry

  2. I haven't heard from you in a while .glad you are back. Have you been hunting any. What kind of dog are you hunting. I have not been able to hunt any. Lots of squirrels here. Hope you have a merry Christmas . God bless. Willie.

  3. Yes sir it is....it knocked me out of going hunting this morning

  4. Is it raining in tenn. Willie.

  5. Call me and I can tell you more about your dog. I am Willie on squirrel dog central . Aka. Bill day. I. 606- 631-4801

  6. David I see you have hunted with Curs, hunt your Feist the same way you have your Curs and you should have the same results.Dogs are dogs they just do things a little different and come up with the same end results game treed.Good luck with your pup,Jerry

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