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  1. Hey Dave how does the acorn crop look up your way?? Really good down here !! Trent

  2. Well good , thanks ..... looking forward to your tailgate pics this fall !!!! Trent

  3. Hey Jessee have you heard fromMr Jerry? Don't know if I missed something or what but I sure miss his post!! I sent him a pm but never heard anything back .... hoping all is well... Trent

  4. Na never been squirrel h6nting over there .... deer hunted many years ago ...... I had 800 acres that I hunted a lifetime on and had to sell it this summer .... siblings didn't care anything about it. I'm now in a club in perry co with 4400 acres. I'm the only one that squirrel hunts :)

  5. Jerry, thanks .... i have a lifetime of great memories :) my dad died 10 years ago in April ..... still think about all the times we shared .... hunting sure did change without him.... still fun but not the same. Grab every chance i can with one of my boys or my girl! Hope my pup works out so we can make some memories with him ! First try at this .... he not done nothing but run around ...

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