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    Jason Taylor
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    mountain curs
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    My name is Jason,I live in honea path s.c.I hunt mt.curs and breed some.
    I also hunt deer,Turkey and flat head cat fish in the summer.

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  1. Hey bud thanks for adding me to your friends I had left you a PM thanks Jason

  2. Checking to see if you got any pups for sale

  3. Give me Hollar sometime if you ever got an open seat. I would like to see those dogs run! I just got into squirrel hunting with dogs, but I've been rabbit hunting and trials and didn't realize what I had been missing!

  4. Thanks for adding me to your friends bud

    give me a holler some time thanks Jason

  5. Thanks for adding me as a friend bud give me

    holler anytime Jason

  6. Jason, Bo is doing fine. We have been doing some bonding since I got him from you. He follows me everywhere now. I have even taken him to work with me a couple days. I am looking forward to the day he becomes a squirrel dog. Putting him in the woods all I can.

  7. Jason thank you for adding me as a friend and if I can ever be a help to you in anyway drop me a word on here. Again thanks, Jerry

  8. To all fill free to add me to your friends list thanks

    Jason Taylor

  9. pups doing well. Built some feeders and put them out. Chase loves to eat. What a little pig. Rewormed and more shorts. lots of energy and loves to bark.

  10. I have nkc and omc with some coz some with jukebox some kemmer most of mine come from Mr L.D. Moore over the year

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