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    Rural New York but hunt all over.
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    I have a BS from Unity College in Maine in Wildlife Conservation and a MS in Wildlife Science from South Dakota State University. Work in conservation.

    Raised in Virginia, family in Missouri.

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    Gray's Mountain Feist
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    GRAY'S MOUNTAIN FEIST were developed from Cadillac Jack, Sport Model, Buckley, Baldwin and Kemmer Lines.

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  1. More books are here! Make sure to NOT mail anything to the old NJ address. It won’t get to us.
  2. Hey y’all! We have a few pups available if folks are interested. Bred to be squirrel dogs. We normally have a waiting list but I decided to try not taking deposits on these. With everything up in the air with Covid, we’re working remotely from our family farm & my plan is/was to start these pups for later sale. Well, we might be going home in a few weeks where it’s tougher to start 3 at once. 2 males, 1 female. The female is the smaller b&t. Asking $500. They come with first shots, dewormed regularly, NKC papers and socialized by our kids. I’ve had this line of dogs since
  3. We have some copies left if folks are interested. Please note the new address! 12 Airport Road, Huguenot, NY 12746. Easiest way is to send $30 payment via PayPal to graysfeist@gmail.com If you mail to our old New Jersey address we won’t get itS thanks!
  4. Got more books in! New address is 12 Airport Road, Huguenot, NY 12746. We no longer get mail at the Long Valley address so your check may get returned if or lost you send it there. Hope folks are enjoying their copies!
  5. Another shipment of books just went out to those that have ordered! Getting another batch ordered for next week if folks want a copy.
  6. Latest group of copies have hit the mail for those that have ordered!
  7. About to order another batch of books if folks want to get one.
  8. Should be in the batch that went out this week. Hope you like it!
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