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    Drives the truck
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    Rural New York but hunt all over.
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    I have a BS from Unity College in Maine in Wildlife Conservation and a MS in Wildlife Science from South Dakota State University. Work in conservation.

    Raised in Virginia, family in Missouri.

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    Marc Gray
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    Gray's Mountain Feist
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    Gray and Fox Squirrels, Rabbits, Coons and Birds
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    GRAY'S MOUNTAIN FEIST were developed from Cadillac Jack, Sport Model, Buckley, Baldwin and Kemmer Lines.

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  1. Joined SDC 11 years ago, on this day!

  2. Hello Marc. I am interested in here about your dogs. Have heard alot about them. 2692752039

  3. How is she doin? Hope y'all are well! Would love to see a pic of her now.


  4. Wanted to know how your dog is doin!

  5. Call me Marc 4352990332 thanks Harry

  6. I replied to your message...Not sure what's goin on? At any rate, I will let you know if I run across anything!

  7. Marc didn't know if you got my message I sent?

    If you know of anything please call me..

  8. We are relatively close to Buchanan. Let me know if you want to get together for a hunt.

  9. Trying to someone close to Buchanan county va with started fiests or elk hounds my old dog passed away. Any help would be nice can't seam to find anyone

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