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    church, salt & fresh water fishing, hunting

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    Chris Barbee
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    mountain feist
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    squirrels deer duck groundhog dove coyote
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    mechanic for caterpillar

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  1. Hey chris welcome to sq.dog. Where in central nc do you live?

  2. Did you buy that chocolate carolina cur male in sc?

  3. I hope a speedy recovery to you so you and ct can get to the woods before the season is out. Keeping you in my prayers.

  4. Mr. Roy I recieved my garmin today. Thanks a lot

  5. Hey clint did u get the pm I sent u ?

  6. Hey chris I was wondering if u lived near kenly nc.

  7. hey mat got a question for u. do u know anything about the cadillac jack dog. i've got a year old pup that suppose to be off of his brother. i don't know the brother's name but the pup came from kentucky. i'm trying to find out where his papers are but the man who went and got him died recently.just wondering if u knew anything on him?

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