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  1. Adam,I want to thank your for your reply and if I can ever be a help to you give me a ring c.no.770 686 6782.

  2. Thanks for adding me to your friend list and if I can be a help give me a ring.770 686 6782

  3. David what part of IN.do you live in.My daughter lives in Crown Point IN.Thanks for your reply to my post I hoped it would help someone.

  4. Are you looking for a dog that will bark on track and use its eyes and ears to tree squirrels if so you should be pleased with your cross.Good luck with your cross.

  5. Thank you for adding me as a friend if I can be a help call Jerry Roper c.no.770 686 6782 good luck with your future hunts.

  6. HI Treetime,thanks for adding me as a friend if I can be of any help in GA.give me a call.Jerry Roper c.no.770 686 6782

  7. AL,thanks for your reply I started the same thing 14 years ago and I have given 27 away and still have more than I can use.Jerry Roper

  8. lot the older we get and we appreciate it more also,wisdom comes with age if we are willing to learn.I know you could teach us younger guy's a lot.Keep them in the woods and keep enjoying them.Jerry Roper

  9. Frank,you are right we do learn al

  10. Hurley i really like the looks of your dogs and i can see they are good ones.A friend of mine has some of your bloodline in GA.Wayne Cagle.Keep them in the woods and keep those pictures coming.Jerry Roper c.no.770 686 6782 call anytime

  11. Thanks for your reply and your great words just pay the good forward one day.THANK YOU

  12. YA'LL cur men are a tough bunch that is all i have to say.

  13. HI Delane,call anytime cell no 770 686 6782 Jerry roper

  14. I thought we had something in common besides being a child of CHRIST,i own 5 Feist and all of them are from the Cadillac Jack blood line.

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