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  1. Hey what's going on like to talk guns or dogs

  2. What part of west virgina you from I live next to mackdowl county I'm looking four a new dog my old dog passed away so I need a gray tail getter any help would be nice

  3. I live next to mackdowl west virgina looking for a new dog my old dog passed away he was a fiest I have a pup out of joe black blood line. Came from Princeton Wv any help would be nice

  4. Trying to someone close to Buchanan county va with started fiests or elk hounds my old dog passed away. Any help would be nice can't seam to find anyone

  5. What part I live next to Buchanan county

  6. What part of west virgina you from I live next to mackdowal

  7. Those are the best looking dogs I've ever seen do you have pups for sale . I would like to have one like rondo he is my favorite

  8. You have a good looking ghost does he tree by sight by smell or both . How much for the young dog and do have a pic

  9. I am from southwest virgina next to the Grundy area but I hunt bland Craig and wytheville some time Scott holler back at me

  10. That's one fine looking dog

  11. Those are fine looking dogs I live in southwest virgina was raised with elk hounds but I cannot find none around do you no anybody close to me that raise or sells them

  12. Good looking dog

  13. I like to see the coal sticker I to work in coal in virgina

  14. I will call you in the mourning

  15. Enter rested in your dogs do you have any started dogs for sale love the black and white fiest that's what color my old dog was he just passed away after 17 years trying to find a new dog work to much to train a pup any help would be appreciated .

  16. Good looking dog how old is he. Those are some big fox squirrels not to many around hear

  17. Good looking dogs do you have any dogs for sale does any of them have elk hound in them

  18. 26 squirrels is a good day was they all fox squirrels that's my favorite ones to take out trying to get one with a lot of white to mount

  19. That's one nice dog

  20. Sure is a fine mess of fox squirrel

  21. Good looking dog love the black an tan

  22. Those dogs are looking good

  23. Thanks for adding me

  24. Thanks for adding me

  25. Thanks for adding me as a friend

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