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  1. I Hope this is ok.Just Wanted to let all Show Times Friends to know Dennis Boaz passed XMAS EVE.He loved to talk dogs and knew a lot about the breeds.

  2. It was a pleasure talking to you today. If I can be of any assistance don't hesitate to call. Dennis

  3. Wendell, I got the pic. Thanks, Dennis

  4. check is in the mail. Thanks, Dennis.

  5. Jon, great news! How much deposit? Send me a message or call me at 618-672-4205. Thanks Dennis.

  6. Jonathan, I am very interested in getting a pup, please keep me posted! Thanks, Dennis.

  7. Len, My name is Dennis Boaz and I live in So. IL. but my wife has relatives in Jefferson so I am down there sometimes. Maybe we can get together for a hunt.

  8. Congrats on the Mt. Vernon hunt. Dennis

  9. Mr. Pulley, I don't have caller I.D., so I don't have your number. I'll be at home the rest of the day. Dennis

  10. mr. pulley, I was talking to chase and he told me you had a female bred to flash. I would very much like to talk with you. Please give me a call at 618-672-4205 Thanks, Dennis.

  11. I know taz's breeding, but what is fancy's?

  12. Jamey, I'm not much on typing, give me a call at 618-672-4205.

  13. aprox. 18 mi south of harrisburg near eddyville.

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