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    Southern Il

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    Jason Hicks
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    I hunt treeing feist. I have a great uncle that lives on the east coast that has raised this line of dogs for years.

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  1. Hey seen you added me as friend. I've been checking out your post on pistol looks like you got a good squirrel dog, I like the way he looks.

  2. Congrats on the Mt. Vernon hunt. Dennis

  3. who is ur uncle where does he live

  4. pepper is due with shorty pups middle of feb. That mullins dog has really turned on after are hunt together, ive shot out quite a few squirrels to her. looks like you had a pretty good hunt to I saw your photos.

  5. Hi Jason dave young. I like the picks of your dogs. Do you have pups out of shorty and your female? Bewen hunting every chance i get.

  6. Thanks my great uncle has raised this type of dog for a long long time. im excited to finally get a hold of some. he lives on the east coast NC

  7. Fine looking little fiest should finish out to a top dog good luck

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