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  1. Thank you mr roper! I had 4 guys that I got puppies to that wanted one the last time around and the 3 is all I have left. They are really good acting pups. My Millie pup from the last cross and the other pups from the last time have had real good results.
  2. 2 males 1 female. 8 weeks old. Black and Tan colored. Wormed/vaccinated. $300 located in Staunton va 5402414249
  3. He’s a hoot! I’m really glad I got him in a good set of hands!
  4. Thanks mr. roper! That’s the info I’m looking for. My buddy that I gave the male pup out of my litter to primarily bear hunts but has fallen in love with this feist and he’s been beating that idea around in his head, I didn’t have any good info to offer him on the idea. I told him it would have to be a well thought out cross with the right hound. I told him he would probably lose some nose power, and probably end up with smaller type dogs because his hounds are smaller. But he should keep some speed, grit, and add a lot of brains. He’s been breeding his own line of hounds for years and has tons more experience than I do with breeding. I believe I’d almost have to try one if he did make a cross.
  5. Good deal! Keep us posted! Be curious to hear how she turns out!
  6. Good looking pups! Have you ever done a hound/feist cross before? Is so how did they turn out? What size did they end up? I’ve got a buddy of mine that is considering trying a cross like that but neither of us have a clue what he should expect.
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