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  1. Scott,

    My name is Don.  I'm a recent subscriber here--looking to learn about hunting these Feist dogs.  I saw your post from Sept. about some pups for sale, and know that's it's been a while, but are there any male pups left?

    I'm in NW PA--so not too far from you, I reckon.

    Do you have any pictures?  Or pics of the Sire and Dam?


    Don Shake.

  2. What's on your mind?

  3. Jay,

    My Fannie female did not have pups....Boy was I disappointed and looking forward to the cross. Really wanted a pup out of Joe Black. :( Wondering now how we are going to make things right? Don said he called but I know you are busy like everyone else and he said he has not heard back from you.

  4. Jay congratulations on being Reserve Champion. My name is Scott Peters we talked on the phone I am so looking forward to breeding Fannie to Joe Black I have never had pups in the winter but they sure will be a good age come next season. Fannie is really doing a nice job and will finish out nicely this season. With her breeding and his they should be outstanding pups!!

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