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    Sarahsville,Ohio [southeastern ]
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    Squirrel / coon hunt,spend alot of time with my family. I love working young mountian curs and watching them develope into finished sq or coon dogs.

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    Allen Franklin
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    Original Mountain Curs
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  1. hey allen i have a cur dog that go back to franklin thunder i am gona try to make a coon dog out of her

  2. Allen his name is Justin Branch, he goes by twiggy on here. That was his fifth time squirrel hunting with a dog and the first time coon hunting with a dog. He is hooked.

  3. Jeff what the boys name who hunted Libby, I have a picture of him just don't know his name.

  4. I have wanted one of benny's pups for yrs and he just lives so far away I just never got one, his Jazz female is super nice and he did have the last male pup out of Thunder I believe he called him JR.so he should make you a good one I belive a female out of either one of my dogs would cross good with yours.

  5. Issac how is your pup doing. Got your text that was impressive.

  6. Bob the pup out of Goldie ansd Cain is treeing already, they sent me a tex a couple days ago.

  7. Roy your pup is looking good.

  8. Justin we need to have a meeting to see about getting our club started.

    I thought we might started by having something for the kids.

    We can have the meeting at my house till we figure out where we are going to have it , just a thought. see ya.

  9. Matt the female I got from Jett & Buddy is starting to tree her own sq.

  10. Shawn How old is the male out of ThunderSport ?and how did he turn out?

    Those should be som pretty good pups I am going to tell a couple guys that you have them They should get a hold of you tonight or tomorrow.

  11. Mike hows abby? Been hunting Cain as much as I can and hunt a couple young dogs. Kinda boring when you can't take a gun all the time . I'll call you some time nothing important just to talk. see ya buddy.

  12. I don't know if you got my answer, I have school Tuesday until 4;00pm, I will go after that or I am off the rest of the week I have a guy coming Thursday morning to go Sq hunting but will go when you want. let me know . You can call me at 740-732-5647-home 740-509-1959-cell

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