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  1. Thanks! I'm very pleased at the way he's turned out!!

  2. Right now i only have my male TJ. I am hoping to get another pup this summer.

  3. Maybe we can get together before the snakes get bad and check our dogs out. We are pretty close.

  4. Seems like a good line. Keep me informed on the litters he may have coming up.

  5. I saw your pics. Very nice!!! What line is your uncles dog out of?

  6. Good deal! TJ was 7month on the 12th. I hunted him the first time the day he turned 5 months old. He treed three or four and I only got out two or three. Can't remember exact numbers. His age I didn't get a full season in. I will next year though.

  7. thats pretty good. how old is your dog/

  8. Pretty good. My pup is still young so I hope it gets better. Im gonna do alot of feeders just for the squirrels starting soon.How bout up your way?

  9. Thanks. Im in Redidsville. About 35-40 minutes from you.

  10. I'm new in the game with the squirrel dogs been training, hunting, and guiding bid dogs for years. But it doesn't compare to this. I bought a pup out of Michaels atomic torch. Man have I been pleased. Get up with me sometime I would like to check out your dogs.

  11. You are pretty close to me get in touch sometime and maybe we can hunt a bit.

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