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    Scot May
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    North Carolina
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    Atomic Feist
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    Squirrel,deer,turkey,and quail
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    Atomic Torch Jr (aka) TJ (Torch x Jazz-A-Belle), is from Mike Croucher's ATJ kennels. Atomic Scout (aka) Mason (Little River Cowboy x M&M Atomic Shine)And my female Atomic Flare (Flash x Cocoa) is from Chase Young's Atomic Flash.

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  1. Scott do you have any fox squirrels up there and has taz ever seen one?

  2. sorry for your loss hard to lose the good ones

  3. Scott, what part of nc are you in?

  4. Had a great time Scot! Maybe we will get to hunt again sometime!

  5. Thanks! I'm very pleased at the way he's turned out!!

  6. He sure is a good looking dog. Very nice build and looks to be an excellent hunter

  7. Right now i only have my male TJ. I am hoping to get another pup this summer.

  8. Maybe we can get together before the snakes get bad and check our dogs out. We are pretty close.

  9. Seems like a good line. Keep me informed on the litters he may have coming up.

  10. I saw your pics. Very nice!!! What line is your uncles dog out of?

  11. Good deal! TJ was 7month on the 12th. I hunted him the first time the day he turned 5 months old. He treed three or four and I only got out two or three. Can't remember exact numbers. His age I didn't get a full season in. I will next year though.

  12. thats pretty good. how old is your dog/

  13. Pretty good. My pup is still young so I hope it gets better. Im gonna do alot of feeders just for the squirrels starting soon.How bout up your way?

  14. Thanks. Im in Redidsville. About 35-40 minutes from you.

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