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  1. As you can see they are good bread pups will make tree Dogs if hunted. Willie.
  2. Bill how are you doing and your wife also.. ??? We are fine, i am working hard on getting fence up and a training round pen up.. i can be ready to train in November.. i got the little Katie female dog back here now. Going to hunt her some.. she was turning on good at end of last year.. treed 8 and saw 6.. she should come on good now.. she is Roper blood. We breed up.. from Rowdy/Little Daisy.. all 5 pups don’t nee help before the season closed last year.. can’t make that cross again, but we are planning hmmmmm... good luck my friend. Larry

  3. Tks bro. I miss seeing you. I am pastoring here. Love Tn.stop by and see me sometime

  4. Happy birthday . Hope you have a good one. Willie

  5. Bro. I sure thank you for that.. we also wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.. we are supposed to come in today ... wife is sick throwing up.. i will wait till this evening and see if she is able.. God bless

  6. Don’t kill all the squirrels in tenn. merry Christmas to you and yours god bless . Bill

  7. You need to privat message me. Your address and ph. Number. I come down there about three times a year . Willie

  8. I don't know of any place selling dog boxes in our area. But if I think of a place I will call you. Willie.

  9. Merry Christmas Larry to you and yours. Hope you are feeling better. I know you are getting ready for the new year. Stop by anytime. God bless. Willie.

  10. Happy birthday Justin . Have a good one. Willie.

  11. I haven't heard from you in a while .glad you are back. Have you been hunting any. What kind of dog are you hunting. I have not been able to hunt any. Lots of squirrels here. Hope you have a merry Christmas . God bless. Willie.

  12. Merry Christmas to you and your family. God bless. Your friend Bill. Willie

  13. Another happy birthday Larry . God bless you my friend . Willie.

  14. Is it raining in tenn. Willie.

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