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    Love them curs and hunting with 9 yr old daughter my best partner

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  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Larry

  3. thanks to you and yours. i hope to start a one year old lybmc. i got from lloyd frisbie. good luck to you and your. God bless.Larry

  4. Hello, my good bud Bob hunts a nice unregister Stevens Cur Name of Black Jack we really enjoy. I like t those black dogs. Take care. Adam and Sophia

  5. Thanks for your thoughtful words and yes it gives us a peach to loose a love one knowing according to there testimony they are with JESUS and we will be also one day.AGAIN THANKS

  6. Terrible news about your dog. Keep her memories alive forever.

  7. Thanks for adding me!!!

  8. Sorry, that was Ashtabula co,ne Ohio

  9. Hello and thanks,I appreciate your fine gesture. I'm in sharable co,ne Ohio.

  10. Thanks for accepting me as a friend. God bless.

  11. Thanks for the kind words Adam. As long as we stay with Gods word we will always tell the truth. God is the same yesterday,today, and tomarrow. God bless you and your family.

  12. Adam thank you for adding me as a friend and you have my number if I CAN EVER BE A HELP.

  13. Adam,I want to thank your for your reply and if I can ever be a help to you give me a ring c.no.770 686 6782.

  14. Hello ,I've been hunting mt & treeing curs with my 9 yr old daughter for 7 yrs on coon/squirrel and we really enjoy ourselves. Mostly pleasure hunt,but have been to bout5 competition hunts and done pretty well. I just prefer pleasure hunting more. I was really fortunate to have met Larry 'Melton and since then that's where all our dogs have come from. We live in ne Ohio

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