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  1. 3yr old male. Brindle, 40 pounds. Coon hunted only, doesn’t seem to care anything about a squirrel. When I got him he was a good 500-600 yard dog, since I’ve had him I have road hunted him a lot, in front of side by side and truck, that’s why I bought him...to hunt that way, now he usually ranges 200-300 most of the time when I walk him, I can get after him a little and he hunts out more, he’s smart and knows what I want and the more I walk hunt him the harder going he would be but again I have him to mostly road hunt. He has fooled with no junk since I’ve had him, not even a possum that I can remember. He opens on track if it’s hot and is a good tree dog that stays if he has it and most of the time he does. He’s not mean or growly anywhere and handles great, you can turn him loose from the kennel and get him at the truck, catch him whenever you’re ready. I’ve had him a year or longer now and have had fun with him, a cur is kinda hard to hunt here, we have thin coon and a dog needs to go hunting and have a good nose, you could have a good time with him in coons. I’ll sell him in the woods or out of the kennel, makes no difference the price will be the same, if you’re interested and talk like you have a little sense I may even let him go out on trial with money in hand. Call or text or message on here 276-220-2668 Clintwood Va. Price is $1500
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