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  1. Was sold but due to things being shut down we couldn’t get him to where he was needing to go so he’s still here. OMCBA Male. Bred real well. 6yr old...coming 7Tan with white trim, smaller dog, 32-35 pounds. Hunts on the run, stays busy. Has ranged out about 200 yards or so for me, he would probably go further at times but I keep him in close. Doesn’t open much out of place, usually when you hear him he’s treed. He comes treed with a locate and then rolls it over to a chop. He has a good mouth, stays treed good, and is accurate. He uses his nose mostly but he does use his eyes some. He also timbers well. He has a great handle, he listens great and is also collar broke. He was said to have been injured as a pup and because of that sometimes when he’s running you will catch him carrying his real leg, it hasn’t affected him any that I can tell. He’s a pretty nice dog. I will show him in the woods and also have references on him if needed. Call or text 276-220-2668 Clintwood Va$1250
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