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    I also fly radio control airplanes 3D flying is my preference

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  1. Where in NC do you live do you live in liberty nc ? I live in Asheboro nc I had heard your name as having squirrel dogs didn't know if you were the same one.

  2. I have one female with his blood I like her a lot. good tree dog don't range out that far tho. I breed her a while back to a good stud dog had 8 pups im keeping 5 think they will make good dogs.

  3. Bo I like the bo blood in my dogs. They have good size and a good mouth ... How bout your dogs... Ct

  4. I finally got a picture loaded today.hammerin bo is her grandpaw.

  5. I tried to load a picture of my dog today it would not load . I USE DIALUP IT MUST LOAD TO SLOW. I tried sorry Hammerin Bo

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