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  1. happy birthday. may God bless you with many more. Larry

  2. Anybody that hunts a good Looking dog like Duke is a friend of mine as well. Welcome to the Squirrel dog World My friend.

  3. Thanks Tripp, I am getting there slowly but surely.

  4. Hate you didn't make the omcba state hunt Russ was hoping to get to talk to you face to face. Hope you get to feeling better soon and get after some squirrels and coon. Tripp Speer

  5. got a ? dew claws cut them off or not bought a puppy in wv he has a double dew claw on his back foot he runs a little funny almost like hes bow legged he is 9 weeks old had tail docked day 2 does it take a bit for them to get their balance what you thank ?

  6. didn't know that I was going to catch them on the dear camera I haven't seen one around my land but others have I took my cur hunting last fall and she started barking all around and seemed to be real scared she has never acted like that again may have been those bear well thanks don't wont to go to jail so ill leave that alone

  7. I don't know it's against the law to bait where we live. We use dogs and shoe leather to find them when the season opens. I do know they used to destroy most of coon feeders when I used to put them out full of dog food, but other than that I don't know.

  8. Russ there has been a few bear spotted around here and I know you hunt them was wondering what is the best bate to draw them out

  9. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your post and opinions on these dogs.These curs are a little different.I've been around hunting dogs all my life.Lots of bird dogs and some coon hounds but I've always liked the looks of these curs and I'm gonna have a good one one of these days.Thanks for your help

  10. It was my pleasure, had I known what I know now, I would have recorded all his conversations.

  11. Harold helped me obtain my line of Sport feist by personally getting one of Mack Leddbetters pups I call PeeWee. If we could have recorded all his stories, they would be a best seller book. I'm glad you shared these with us. Tom Bush

  12. Hey Mountainman, I enjoyed your post on Harold Reid. I am from E.Texas, and had the pleasure of knowing Harold about the last 4 or 5 years of his life. As you know, Harold fought a long battle with Cancer, and could barely talk beyond a whisper toward his last year. He called me frequently and conversed for long periods of time, stopping frequently to catch his breath.

  13. Mac English....same guy that did the article in Field and Stream This Month

  14. the guy that has the dinner every year in south caroline. what his name

  15. russ hope hustler will tree like that at 14 but dont know were i will be

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