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    I retired from Boilermakers Local 40. I raise Stephens Stock Curs, my curs have strong JR breeding. Work with my son as an Asst. Pastor in a congregation my wife and I started.

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  1. glad you came by and talked to me.

  2. Anthony, Call me I'm looking for a place to have a spring fiest and cur hunt call me 270-256-4646

  3. JR stock James Parnell has pretty sure Haney told me Dottie is out of His Sug and Rocky Top not real sure about the female on Jessie James

  4. sorry I didn't get back with you I just had another total knee and have been off my game. Haney Hancock at Tree Rat Kennels can say for sure but the are out of that JR James Parnell has

  5. Can I email pics for the year book

  6. Boy called me out of SC that has a pup out of Molly's last litter that won 4th place in a hunt few weeks ago man offered him $5000 for it he turned it down. James Parnell told me the same thing

  7. JT,

    I know you are planning on keeping that female you just got. When and if you decide to let her go please give me a chance.

  8. I started in local 40 in 1976 knees and back pretty banged up but still get around decent

  9. J.T.

    Thought I'd let you know just had a litter of 8 pups 5 females 3 males out of my Shadow and Billy's Banjo. I kept 2 pups out of my Molly litter a lot of folks Have tried to buy them but those 2 are not for sale.

  10. Who's her mom and dad?

  11. JT,

    quess I have gone dog crazy. Billy showed me his dogs while I was there. His health is to where he did not know if he was going to be where he was going to raise anymore pups. There was a 18mt old black gyp I was crazy about. Long story short He called me Monday asked me if I wanted to buy her. Now I own Clear Creek Penny. Her bloodlines should be as close as Molly's. finishes my S...

  12. Hey JT

    Hope ur doing better took this new gyp I bought down to Billy and manage to breed her to Banjo. Had to use an ole mule breeder trick and dig a pit. Billy said he hadn't seen that one before.

  13. Hope you are doing good! The male pup out of Molly is the smartest dog I've ever had or maybe it is just personality. He has the same markings of the one you had on here. My little female was the runt but Mr. Parnell kept her going till I could get her home and she is not a runt now. Hope you are doing good. I am planning on breeding to Banjo if every thing goes well. This will be Shado...

  14. My pups really good. They tell me one of the males in SC is already treeing yard squirrels. New female is going to be a very good dog. Has Molly's temperament. Took her out Sunday afternoon she treed fine. Man I got her from said she would not bark for him, That does not seem to be a problem. Have not hunted coons yet but understand she has killed 2 on her own.

  15. Hey Old Man,

    I'm picking up a 2 yr old female in WV this weekend out of Little Joe. The 2 pups I have kept out of Molly are doing great! These are 2 of the smartest easiest to work with pups I have ever seen.

    Hope you are doing well!


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