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  1. hey charlie......this is the master of the great DIXIELANDS SKEET....i'm out of bird dogs now, but have 3 sq. dogs...give me a ring...in the hoyt phonebook.

  2. I can't get a coon treed, I either got dumb dogs or Clinton coon is real thin. Did kill some squirrels, posted picture in the Kemmer section.

  3. Got a white papered Kemmer male that's a year and a half old. Black saddle back with a rougher coat. He's got more track than tree in him right now, but did put a possum up the other night and was getting with it. If your dad wants to give him a shoot he's more than welcome to give this pup a try. Give me a call and I'll tell you exactly what this dog is 785-393-8333, leave a me...

  4. Sure don't know of anybody, but will get the word out. Trying to move a Kemmer myself, 3 dogs is just to many to give them all a fair shake.

  5. Hey, thanks for the heads up on the traps. Will be staying on Clinton this weekend.

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