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    Real Estate agent for Keller Williams. I love to hunt, fish, camp, ride a mountain bike and read.

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    Alan Durham
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    Mountain Cur
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    Grew up going coon hunting and trapping with an uncle. Accidentally got back into tree dogs when I bought a $50 cur from an accidental breeding as a pet. He has been an awesome dog. Put 83 coons on the ground last year. I own a full brother to him from a later liter. He is 9 now so I'm on the look out for a pup.

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  1. Thanks for the input. He is still a youngster and with deer season going on I have not hunted him hard yet. At the end of last year when I was hunting him most everyday for a little while, he was much more tractable. He really wants to please, but more so when he's run his legs off. Appreciate all the good advice.

  2. I replied to your post about getting your dog to come when called.You can pm me or call if you need to

    Merry Christmas and God Bless


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