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    Youth Leader at Northwood Baptist, Man can bend a sapling cant do much with a tree! Jude; 22 Grilling and smoking

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    tommy brown
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    feist, & great pyrenees guardian dogs
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    squirrels, deer, varmints, dove & catfish
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    also raise Spotted Nubian dairy goats
  1. where in Ky are you located?

  2. What kind of feist is the little bluetick? have one just like it suposed to be Thornburg. Just wandering Thanks Tommy

  3. Where do you live in NC?


  4. Hey Carlton, hope your knee is doing well. Havnt seen on SDC how its going, just thought Id drop you a line let you know I was thinking about and praying for your recovery. Hope all is well! Tommy

  5. Hey this is Tommy Brown live in Yadkin Co Maybe we can get together sometime for a hunt. Got a few places close we could ride your son around on four wheeler to hunt. Let me know would love to take your son out sometime!

  6. whay would be the price? shape?

  7. Hey man welcome to SDC to post pictures What I do is go to paint and resize change pixel down to 500. store on your sd card and pull up when posting. Good luck I like to never figured it out. Just keep trying Im coumputer ignorant. You will figure it out. Tommy

  8. Hi Van this is Tommy Brown ,now own Shaq if anyone want to know about those pups Sire be glad to help in any way Thanks Tommy

  9. Hey Bill thanks for your post about Hillbilly Shaq know he is old hope I can get this year out of him. Would like to breed him to the female I got with him. Im new to squirrel dogs seen that Barger is as good as it gets. I was raised with rabbit dogs and still hunting squirrels. I have a bad leg and hoping that I can squirrel hunt these dogs off my four wheeler. Thanks again for your post. Tommy

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