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  1. The new jigs worked great get hung up just pull em out and straighten up and keep catching more slabs

  2. They worked fine we had four good days we caught a lot of big ky. Lake slabs thanks for and to the squaker jigs

  3. Mark used your jigs today they did great caught 15 wind 20 mph plus going back tomorrow would like to get a dozen each green and pink and blue if possible Wendell 270-604-3706. Thanks

  4. I will try to go Friday weather permitting I will let you know how they do thanks Wendell

  5. Thanks I got the jigs they looked great I'll try em out Friday Wendell

  6. Man I sure would like too buy some crappie jigs the look great I bet they would catch these ky lake slabs if you sell any my number is 270-604-3706 thanks wendell

  7. Glad to be on your list I've gained a lot of friends in last couple years on here

  8. Fine looking little fiest should finish out to a top dog good luck

  9. Hey Milton if I still coon hunted I be after them two females you shouldn't have any trouble getting them sold good luck

  10. Hey Chris good to hear from u looks like you gonna have some fun this fall I've got a nice female out of combs buster and earls foxie love her to death unbelievable how she started I see you got some of the same bloodlines hope yours does great Lightfoot kennels. Wendell pulley. Phone 2706043706

  11. Hello everyone update on hunts good population of game in my area lots of mast taco,taffy & spike doing great

  12. Just acquired a nice pup from Keith Landrum out of Wallace sage and landrums sugar thanks for all your help to Gary Wallace and Keith Landrum getting her to me we met in Memphis tn. Proud to get her her name is lightfoot taco thanks to my brother also for traveling with me to pick my new dogs.

  13. Hello I'm new to sdc I would just like to say I'm amazed at the how many people I've met so far. I've been able to find some nice young dogs I'm very proud to have I would like to thank mr. Hurley Combs, Tim Sizemore , Ricky Green, I've spoke to so many and look forward to many more. Thank you guys Lightfoot kennels western. Ky.

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