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  1. Wendell, I got the pic. Thanks, Dennis

  2. Thanks for the input. Just call if ya need anymore down the road. Good luck fishin.

  3. The new jigs worked great get hung up just pull em out and straighten up and keep catching more slabs

  4. How'd them last jigs i sent to you hold up for ya?

  5. They worked fine we had four good days we caught a lot of big ky. Lake slabs thanks for and to the squaker jigs

  6. How the new jigs I just sent you working out?

  7. Mark used your jigs today they did great caught 15 wind 20 mph plus going back tomorrow would like to get a dozen each green and pink and blue if possible Wendell 270-604-3706. Thanks

  8. I will try to go Friday weather permitting I will let you know how they do thanks Wendell

  9. Hope you do well...........like i said the ice is still melting off the lakes and i haven't been able to try those jigs out yet. You can tell me how they preform, and tell me what needs to be improved on them. THANKS.

  10. Thanks I got the jigs they looked great I'll try em out Friday Wendell

  11. I got the money, your jigs should be their tomorrow if you haven't already got them. Thanks again.

  12. Ok thanks for the response. If everything goes right I will send the jigs in the mail tomorrow. THANKS FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

  13. Are you still buying jigs? I have not got the money yet , if so. Thanks

  14. Man I sure would like too buy some crappie jigs the look great I bet they would catch these ky lake slabs if you sell any my number is 270-604-3706 thanks wendell

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