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  1. Got the Squirrels Moving and the Dogs Barking just need Warmer Weather and it will be Grand

  2. About 30 Miles from you.

    Still have dogs.

  3. Hi whats new? how are all the dogs and family doing hope all is well, just thought i would say hi. not much is new here. i had the worst coon season ever ended up with a big nothing... then deer season started so i dont get to do much at all untill thats all over with. then the squirrels better look out my new pup is hotter then bubbas sister (piper).

    well take care. hunt safe!


  4. Oh yes I'm still hunting her, she is doing really good to me but we don't have a lot of game. I'm taking her to the MN, NKC hunt tomorrow. The wife and I are going to Mississippi to get a puppy from Mike Davis. We plan on starting a kennel up here is Wisconsin WoW cur dogs in WI,

    Well take care.and keep in touch.

    Aaron L.

  5. got any plans for any hunt up that way for the yr

  6. Welcome to SDC nice seeing Folks from MO.

  7. just wanted to say hi heard a lot about you from your folks hunted with your dad this last Sunday will met you at the hunt this weekend.

  8. Lets talk dogs and Hunting

  9. Hi my name is Aaron Lorentzen. I just wanted to say hello and also let you know I have a pup out of bubba shot the jukebox,she is your bubba's sister :) and congrats on the new pups you had!!!

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