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  1. ....... Ryan if you want to see some of my line of Feist that I have owned during the last 20 years go to pictures and go to page 14. Go down toward the bottom of that page to a post titled 2000 Thru 2020 and a post titled 2010 Thru 2020 that was posted by Luther's Feist. I got Jessee Luther to post those pictures of my dogs on here for me because I do not know how. LOL I still use a flip phone if that tells you anything about me. I am from the old school and I can not do much at all on here. I like the looks of your OMC female and your Feist. Take care. Jerry

    1. new2doo


      Thanks Jerry, I really appreciate it. I'll definately take a look at your pictures. It sounds like you have a lifetime of dog knowledge and I really appreciate learning from guys like you. Have a good night.


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