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  1. Jerry, I really enjoyed looking at and reading about your dogs from the past 20 years. I really like the looks of that Sport dog. Its's really nice of you to share the sport with others like you have. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      ....... You are welcome. Sport was a real nice Road and walk type dog. I raised, started, hunted, and trained him and during the 6 years I hunted him I knocked out over 1,100 squirrels to him and I knocked out over 1,100 to his full litter mate sister Baby the Black and Tan female in those pictures. The half Black and half White faced male dog was their full litter mate brother that I called Pistol. He is colored up like "Trent's" Jack dog on here that is out of my Toby dog and his Rae female. I like the bigger size Feist because I enjoy road hunting as much as I do walk hunting and they are big enough to do both. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

  2. ....... Ryan if you want to see some of my line of Feist that I have owned during the last 20 years go to pictures and go to page 14. Go down toward the bottom of that page to a post titled 2000 Thru 2020 and a post titled 2010 Thru 2020 that was posted by Luther's Feist. I got Jessee Luther to post those pictures of my dogs on here for me because I do not know how. LOL I still use a flip phone if that tells you anything about me. I am from the old school and I can not do much at all on here. I like the looks of your OMC female and your Feist. Take care. Jerry

    1. new2doo


      Thanks Jerry, I really appreciate it. I'll definately take a look at your pictures. It sounds like you have a lifetime of dog knowledge and I really appreciate learning from guys like you. Have a good night.


  3. Sounds great, looking forward to meeting you.

  4. looks like I have that weekend off, so me and the family are definitely going to come out.

  5. Thanks for adding me as a friend. I enjoy you're posts, you're always friendly and willing to give helpful advice.

  6. Thank you sir. appreciate it. I shot both with my bow two years ago.

  7. that's a nice buck you harvested guess you got it with a bow since you like to bow hunt

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