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  1. Great looking pups. Good luck with them.
  2. 304-782-1176

  3. Do these pups have any cur in them? Will they have stand-up ears? How much will they weigh when grown?

  4. I hope that pup does good for you, God Bless Buck

  5. Glad to be on your list I've gained a lot of friends in last couple years on here

  6. HI buck looking on your profile we are about the same age I was born 1-19-48

  7. welcome aboard. we will have to get together some time

  8. Thanks for adding me as a friend!

  9. I live next to mackdowl west virgina looking for a new dog my old dog passed away he was a fiest I have a pup out of joe black blood line. Came from Princeton Wv any help would be nice

  10. Wondering bout your pups. Do you have any pictures ? Where in West Virginia are you located ? Thanks. I am originally from Cabell county

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