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  1. Mr.Croucher, my name is Hunter Pike i am Marshal Pike's son, i emailed you not long ago about a dog of mine. She did not come from your kennel but she does have some of the same bloodline in her. She is a fantastic dog and I was interested in finding our where some of her traits came from, I know that you had skittles before she passed and i was hoping you could tell me about her traits, th...

  2. Adam,

    How big are the dogs out of the first litter? Also, did they turn out to be chop mouth at the tree and hard tree dogs?

    Thank you.

  3. You still interested in a pup out of Biggun and Rue? She had 6 last night!

  4. Dave, do you have any young dogs for sell that are treeing?

  5. Ok, thank you.

  6. I'll let you know when I breed them again.

  7. Justin, sell all your pups?

  8. Thanks....my female is to small. Really like to have something out of him.

  9. Not yet other than to Rue, and I will try that cross again when she comes in. If you have a female and want to I'm sure we can work something out.

  10. Adam, are you breeding Biggun any at all?

  11. Mike, got any Eagle pups at this time? Also, have you done any breedings to Eagle down around North Carolina?

  12. Adam, is this pup loud? also what is his pedigree?

  13. Thanks. Will do.

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