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  1. I live about 12 mile from O.M.C.B.A. club house in Jamestown.I want to let Gator get a little older before I breed him thanks

  2. i might be going to norris water shed about 1 today. call me if you want to go run your dog.

  3. i've been to two clubs in corbin, ky. they change clubs so many times it's hard to know where their going to hunt. i'll get a hold of a few guys and find out where their going to have the hunt.

  4. no, i wasn't planning on it but you never know what i might do. is that the hunt in corbin,ky.

  5. also call 789-6717 sometimes i leave my phone in the truck

  6. call me any time scott 789-6710 ask for sam. i'm retire we can hunt anytime you can go. my son hunts with me sometimes but you can still go.

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