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    Central Pennsylvania
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    Hunting, fishing, spending time with my family

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    Robert L Furl
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    One treeing cur and one OMCBA Mountian cur
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    Mostley squirrels with the dogs and deer
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    Love hunting with the dogs. Can't stop looking at all the good pups one here. One of these days the wife is gonna let me keep another one.

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  1. Nice pup. If I had the money I would give him a shot.

  2. I got a male, The last one he had. He's doing fine,he has yet to tree on his own but he is hunting hard and will trail a squirrel real well.Leaves haven't fell yet so I understand. The only fault I have with him is his feet are bowed out a little. No binch show for him, But im not complaning. I think he will be a real good dog. He is vary smart and has a lot of mouth. I'll keep you ...

  3. Thanks for the compliment huntsmen Bob. Maybe this fall I'll get them out in the woods a little more than last year.

  4. Nice looking dogs you have there.

  5. How's that pup doing ?

  6. How is your pup doing ?

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