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  1. I got a male, The last one he had. He's doing fine,he has yet to tree on his own but he is hunting hard and will trail a squirrel real well.Leaves haven't fell yet so I understand. The only fault I have with him is his feet are bowed out a little. No binch show for him, But im not complaning. I think he will be a real good dog. He is vary smart and has a lot of mouth. I'll keep you ...

  2. where are you at is sc im in Kingstree

  3. We sure need to do something. You got to drive to far. the closest thing to me is 3 hours away so let me now what you have in mind and let me now how I can help.

  4. got a ? dew claws cut them off or not bought a puppy in wv he has a double dew claw on his back foot he runs a little funny almost like hes bow legged he is 9 weeks old had tail docked day 2 does it take a bit for them to get their balance what you thank ?

  5. forgot to ask you about his papers and shots just maken sure that I understand you right you have papers and he has had 5+1

  6. you can call me 244-0792 im looking for a pup with some grit i have one cur and she is a solid tree dog but I want a male to raise and breed would love to see more pic


  7. I am very interested in the male pup. I am coming to West Virginia this Friday to visit my grandparents who live in Glenwhite. ( I am from South Carolina.)I don't know much about bloodlines but can you tell me a little bit about your dogs? Are they long or short range hunters?, do they check back?, and have you entered any competitions with them? if so how did they do? Did you have to doc h...

  8. do u have any males left

  9. how far are you from beckley

  10. didn't know that I was going to catch them on the dear camera I haven't seen one around my land but others have I took my cur hunting last fall and she started barking all around and seemed to be real scared she has never acted like that again may have been those bear well thanks don't wont to go to jail so ill leave that alone

  11. Russ there has been a few bear spotted around here and I know you hunt them was wondering what is the best bate to draw them out

  12. my grandpa lives in Beckley WV beautiful country

  13. let me know if you ever want to get together and run the dogs would like to meet some one that enjoy squirrel hunting with dogs to and would really like to run my dog with another to see how she will do I'm wanting to do a little competition hunting maybe next year my cur is only a year but is teeing fairly solid she is just a little hard to catch but just bought a shock collar to help with...

  14. I live in kingstree, where do you hunt?

  15. Do you thank hunting coon helps with hunting squirrel or vice versa?

  16. had my eye on your site for about a year any Chance you would have any pups coming any time soon

  17. Where about in SC do you live? I'm in Williamsburg county.What kind of dog are you hunting?

  18. where in sc u from

  19. water snake, It was in striking destines (to close for me).

  20. (thanks)That's a great looking dog you got too.

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