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  1. Hello curdogger! Jake sounds like he is a real nice dog!

  2. It was good to meet you and I heard your dog looked good on the bench. Dont get discouraged just keep on coming. It is always good to meet a fellow member of the fire brotherhood.

  3. Where you been hiding Adrian? Aint heard from you!

  4. Chase, I saw the article that you wrote in the Full Cry. I must say job well done. Keep up the good work and keep Flash in the woods!

  5. What part of Tn. are you from?

  6. I will probably have you guys a new member this month. He used to coon hunt with me and now i have got him fired up on squirrels . He hasnt hunted in years but now he wants back in. He just bought a new dog.

  7. Are you guys gonna post any pics from the Show you had in January?

  8. That is a fine looking dog! I love the brindle.

  9. That is a fine looking dog! I love the brindle.

  10. Stacy, I saw Silas at Jamestown yesterday. He told me that you might want my pup out of Gunner. I don't want to sell him but if I ever do I'll contact you first. I am very pleased with him. He said you didn't have my number. It is (423) 736-1068 David Hall

  11. Bob, I am very pleased with the ringneck female pup. I am glad I got her before someone else walked up. Got her home last night and she is fine. Thanks, David

  12. Hey Stacy my Gunner pup is getting out there now. He is now 6 months.

  13. How are the Jackhammer Dog's doing? Have you got to hunt much?

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