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    Love to hunt my squrrel dogs. Used to coon hunt a lot -- now I leave that to my son. In my spare time, I play banjo for my family bluegrass band that was started about 40 years ago by my dad.

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    Darrell Black
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    Mountain Cur, Mountain Feist, Norwegian Elkhound
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    I'm looking forward to retiring this fall and having lots of time to squirrel hunt. I will have a feist due to whelp 6/19 which will make the pups ready for fall training.

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  1. Hello I'm looking for a elkhound though you could lead me on one my number 3043827083

  2. Hello Dwayne I hunt fiesta dogs I did hunt elkhounds years ago I would like to have one if I could find. One my number is3043827083

  3. My name is Darrell Black. I used to hunt with elkhounds now I'm hunting with fiests. Do you have any elkhounds for sale? 304-382-7083

  4. The bear dogs you called me about if you are still want them give me a call Im going to give them away don,t. Hunt them and I need the kennel space my phone number 3043827083

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