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  1. when you say the female you have forsale want stay treed does she leave the tree or stop barking

  2. If You Find A Good Coon Dog Let Me Know

  3. Hey JR this is Dan Garner. I bought 2 of your pups. Just wanted to let your know the female is doing really well. She is right on the verge of treeing her own squirrels. Man she is treeing really hard on caged squirrels. Turned some loose for her and she treed them good. She has lots of smarts. And real gritty. She gonna be a good one.

  4. Just lettin you know I am planning on coming up your way around the 5th of May. I will let you know exactly which day.

  5. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Been busy. Yes email me the pedigrees of the parents if you don't mind.

  6. I have posted pictures of the female pups (which all are the same color dark yellow and light yellow) Do you still want me to email you the pedigree of both parents??

  7. Also pictures if you have any.

  8. My name is Dan Garner. I am interested in a dark yellow female. Can you email the pedigrees of sire & dam? my email is dangarnersr@comcast.net

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