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  1. mark you can call me at 3363821109

  2. Jim there is a guy on here going by wayne 84 that is ripping guys off selling dogs that are not worth a flip.He always locks his adds so you cant reply back to them.just for your info.Thanks keith

  3. Tim Is it possible that i can join sq haters.I comp hunt and they seam to advertize on there more than sq dog central .Some of my dogs are cur and looking for another one now.Thanks Keith

  4. hey stephen nice meeting you yesterday


  5. you are rip offs,

  6. i have a super good female thats 4 yr old.registerd 4 registrys won 1 usdr hunt but not been hunted in only a few hunts.$3500 if interested call 3363821109

  7. Ok just checking thanks


  8. Hey allen are you coming to whitemire usdc hunt next weekend


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