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  1. sorry i didnt get this message untill today. i live east of rochester about 20 miles. im just getting into curs myself! i have had lots of other hunting dogs and mainly run beagles but this yr i want to get some squirrels. my cell # is 507-272-3816 and home # is 507-932-5090 you can give me a call if you want some time and maybe we can get together and run dogs

  2. okay i am from south east ND..cogswell to be exact glad got it figured out and if u need help i can kinda show u lol i am pretty new to this thing myself..Just looking for hunter that are closer I have yet to find any in norht dakota with curs lol..so your about closetst but i cant member what part of minn do u live in..well sorry hadlong weekend took me awhile to get back on well talk to u soon

  3. I think i figured it out now! Lol where are u from

  4. hello hows it going just looking to meet fellow hunters little closer to where i am at seem to almost be in no mans land

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