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  1. Pup has sold. Thanks for the interest Joe Levan
  2. I have a few pictures and videos of him that I can text you but be serious before asking.
  3. He be one in June. Only been hunted alone. Treed probably 30 or so squirrels the last couple months of season. He was NOT consistent yet by no means. Hunts hard at times but not always yet. Trees pretty hard on most Trees but not all. Loves a coon but never coon hunted. Hasn't been out of the kennel since end of January. Just a STARTED pup. Very friendly and personable dog. I want 600 dollars for him and that is more than fair. I've described him to the best of my ability so be easy with ridiculous questions please. Joe Levan 937-407-7498
  4. Not much buddy. Just been working, hunting and going to one of my daughters high school basket ball games. How you been?

  5. What's been happening?

  6. Noticed in your post that you said there is a few OMCBA dogs tree style that suits you. What is their breeding. I would be interested in one that trees sure enough hard

    Thanks Dan

  7. Yeah I sold her and am missing her already

    Joe LeVan

  8. I take it that pat is gone. Miss seeing her. She is a good one. Been a younger man would have liked to have owned her. Willie.

  9. Thanks for the kind words. Shes gonna be laid up for a good while, She cut one of her pads bad

    Joe LeVan

  10. Take pat over in ky. And hunt her some.best pup I have seen . Bottom line. Willie

  11. Willie

    Yes sir I did. It was a rough morning but she still managed a few. Ill try to get some pics of her tomorrow while hunting

    Joe LeVan

  12. Did you hunt pat this morning. Really like that pup.get some more pictures on soon. Willie

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