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    Enjoy the great outdoors but the passion of my life is experiencing the joy of being a Christian and having such a great friend in Christ Jesus.

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    Bryan Craig Alexander
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    Barger Feist
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    Squirrel, Rabbit, Deer, Dove, Ducks, Turkey
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    I bought a Barger female from Bill Barger in 2011, Bargers Kate did great as a pup and went on to be a Sq. Champion and brought tons of fun to me and count other hunters. Through the years I trained many dogs for Bill Barger that he sold or went into him breeding program.

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  1. Happy Birthday Dave!

  2. Bryan it makes me happy you are back.. i sure enjoy your comments or write ups..i moved to Bybee , TN.. just north of Newport.. been preaching here and do not have chains that keeps me from going anywhere i am asked to come preach at,, i sure am enjoying the new found LIBERTY..  Larry 

  3. Bryan I just wanted to than you for your quotes. This morning I was reading God's silence and it just really hit home for me. I feel the Lord is moving me but just not syre where or which way but I'm looking to him. Again thanks, SDC has been about alot more than just squirrel dogs for me. Thank you brother

  4. Wher is the West Ga squirrel and coon club?I live in Paulding co.

  5. Hey Bryan, really good to see you back on SDC. How you feeling? Been praying for you, lost your phone # or I would have called

  6. Hey Bryan

    I'm back at home, heart test all ok, acid reflux. THanks for the prayers, my phone was stolen out of my truck ,lost all my numbers. Thanks again


  7. Bryan please send pic to eugene47@peoplescom.net,Thanks E P

  8. Hey Steve thanks for adding me to your friend list. Glad to have you on the site and good luck with your dogs. Bryan

  9. I sent you a text.

  10. I really enjoy reading your posts and your faithfulness.

  11. Hey Bryan

    Just wanted to check on you and say hello. You've been in prayers. Thanks for the quotes

  12. I love your old bronco. We had one with a 300 6 cylinder in it that would go just about anywhere in those Louisiana swamps.

  13. Bryan,I admire your dedication to the lord.

    I hope your church thinks as much of you as the members of of sdc do. They are blessed to have such a good pastor. They probally dont no all the good things that you do.For the nonmembers.

  14. Bryan best post you have ever done. Thank you so much.

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