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  1. Trying to these things are terrible down here, my brother doest like to shoot them but if i see one its getting lead thrown at it!!

  2. Carter

    , you guys are hammering those pigs...Don

  3. carter, i read your post about your dog out of moore's tippy toes. joe and i are friends and neighbors. i called him and told him that his name was still out there. i has only one dog now and is in poor health but still goes hunting occasionally.

  4. We sure need to do something. You got to drive to far. the closest thing to me is 3 hours away so let me now what you have in mind and let me now how I can help.

  5. No sir I don't but the guy that works with my dad lives in bonneau and hunts Stephens so I'm sure he does.

  6. do you know danny mims of bonneau,he has some good stephen stock curs

  7. carter i might be over your way thur or fri i need to be able to get with you

    #912-829-3959 nick Dotschay

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