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  1. good to hear that , hope they keep progressing.if its ok may call you soon , to talk dogs with ya.

  2. hello gary , please add me .i bought a pup from your female, smiths reba and kyles outlaw dog

  3. earl.this is tim down south of you , please add me as friend.i bought a stevens dog from u about 4 years ago.

  4. i may be looking to buy a kemmer pup soon.im planning a trip to la. soom maybe april or may.we will be traveling to shrevport ...how close are you to there?

  5. thanks for giveing your buddy my number , he got 3 of them.and he was happy to get them.please tell him thank you.and please add me as a friend

  6. hello,

    i think you sent me a message .i have 1 female left, and im east of mcalester

  7. hello,

    i want to add you on here as a friend.i live about 60 miles west of ft. smith close to macalester.I think i talked to you once on the phone about a dog

  8. hello, i would like to add ya to my friends list. im in oklahoma west of ft. smith

  9. 662 - 279 - 0210

  10. hello

    im in oklahoma , like your pups.whats your number?

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