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  1. I would love to have one like that.. i am not familiar with Keith or Gismo.. i better wake up... take for the picture..

    1. daddymonster


      Make me want to get back into sq. Hunting again

  2. Tks bro. I miss seeing you. I am pastoring here. Love Tn.stop by and see me sometime

  3. Bro please delete my on the wagon post.. tks larry

  4. Sean pay the dues of 10.00 and welcome aboard.. it allows you so much privilege.. i also like the Chat room.. well of information on there also..good luck,, Larry 

  5. I have no clue what it is.. wife did not either,, looked like something a kid would play with

  6. Bryan it makes me happy you are back.. i sure enjoy your comments or write ups..i moved to Bybee , TN.. just north of Newport.. been preaching here and do not have chains that keeps me from going anywhere i am asked to come preach at,, i sure am enjoying the new found LIBERTY..  Larry 

  7. Send me the numbers on that summit Mach 17.. i have the book but not sure which one

    1. daddymonster


      Plus cost please.. i been wanting one bad.. i think they are worth all that money, but wife is another story.. 

  8. Welcome aboard. You should add my son also.. LP-Thornsbury. .. i am 69 also .. i squirrel hunt mostly.. Larry

  9. Adam one more thing My son LP-Thornsbury on here is in ky. I have the Roper’s Rowdy now and had a great year with him. My son has him in ky now and going to breed him to Roper’s Little Daisy when she comes in season.. we are looking forward to some fire ball pups from that.. larry

  10. Adam i have missed your not posting of this seasons results.. i hope all is well with you and you got after them. Let me know how it went with those pups???

  11. To a Thornburg fiest.. i have not seen one personally, but sounds and looks like she can get it done.. good luck on all your efforts.. i see you are in Tn. But what CITY???.. Larry

  12. You give Smokey another year of putting down some game ,, i think you will see a different dog.. he is out of Roper’s Toby/ Roper’s Little Daisy as you know.. Daisy is now owned by my son LP-Thornsbury on here. I have moved now to Bybee, Tn. Just north of Newport, tn.. i am glad you got Smokey and you will use him for what he was breed to do.. if i am not mistaken you intend on breeding

  13. Bro. I sure thank you for that.. we also wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.. we are supposed to come in today ... wife is sick throwing up.. i will wait till this evening and see if she is able.. God bless

  14. Don’t kill all the squirrels in tenn. merry Christmas to you and yours god bless . Bill

  15. You need to privat message me. Your address and ph. Number. I come down there about three times a year . Willie

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