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    60 years old and hunt Southern Illinois

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  1. Does the diesel pup bark much around the pen?








  2. Do you still have the 320 for sale?

  3. I responded to your pm. Don't know if ya got it or not

  4. She's 4yo she will be 5 October

  5. Where in Ten. are you ? Tree squirrels alone?

  6. I don't know how to delete it. Call me tomorrow

  7. pepper is due with shorty pups middle of feb. That mullins dog has really turned on after are hunt together, ive shot out quite a few squirrels to her. looks like you had a pretty good hunt to I saw your photos.

  8. Hi Jason dave young. I like the picks of your dogs. Do you have pups out of shorty and your female? Bewen hunting every chance i get.

  9. Send photos when you get them. When are you going to get them?

  10. Hi steve great looking deer you got. I am about ready to get these renolds feists in the woods, Dave

  11. Alex, Rukko is great looking dog. I hunted with his mother she was a great dog.One Ozark Feist

  12. aprox. 18 mi south of harrisburg near eddyville.

  13. Good looking female wendell

  14. Thanks for the comment on smokey Bob the pup is sold. Smokey placed 4th in Atfa hunt in mo.Scored 1300 points 27 trees in 2 hours. 0 minus. Stayed treed under pressure. Dave

  15. Email Your ph. number Might be interested in pup.

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